Non-Ferrous metals

Reclam's recycled non ferrous metal products include the following, each of which conforms to various specifications of the company's customers:
Aluminium. Reclam's recycled aluminium products include a wide range of items, which reflect both the versatility of the recycled aluminium material and the diversity of products manufactured by the company. Reclam's products include the following:
  • Ingots: bars of aluminium that have been refined to a consistent chemical composition. Such ingots are used by aluminium foundries in the manufacturing of cast aluminium items such as automotive cylinder heads and manifolds.
  • Bales: loose pieces of aluminium compressed by hydraulic presses at high pressure into large uniform dense blocks. These are sold to aluminium manufacturers and are used mainly in the manufacturing of cast, rolled and extruded aluminium products such as aluminium sheets and door and window frames;
  • Granules: small pieces of aluminium wire measuring a few millimetres in length. These are sold in granular form to steel manufacturers for utilisation as de oxidising agents in the steelmaking process and to vanadium manufacturers for utilisation as reactants in the production of vanadium; and
  • Shreddings and cuttings: various sized pieces of aluminium, which are sold to aluminium manufacturers and are used primarily in the manufacturing of cast, rolled and extruded aluminium products.
Copper. Reclam's recycled copper products include copper alloy materials such as brass and bronze and tend to be smaller in size than many of the company's other non ferrous products. These products include the following:
  • Granules: small pieces of copper wire measuring a few millimetres in length; and
  • Shreddings and cuttings: pieces of loose copper or alloy metal, shredded, cropped or sheared.
Both are sold to various manufacturers of a variety of copper and alloyed castings and rolled, drawn and further processed into extruded products.
Nickel. Reclam's recycled nickel products are generally extracted from stainless steel and other raw materials which have a high nickel content. These are used in the production of high alloy steel for use in high temperature environments or situations where there are high levels of corrosion. The company's nickel products maintain similar physical characteristics to those of the ferrous products described above.
Lead and Zinc. Reclam's recycled lead and zinc materials primarily consist of loose cuttings that have been sorted and separated by quality and chemical composition. The company's lead products are primarily used by lead melting facilities that produce products used in the manufacturing of various kinds of batteries while the zinc products are primarily used in a variety of zinc melting and die casting operations.
Due to the high value of non ferrous metals, Reclam is constantly looking to expand its recycled non ferrous metal product range and increase its market share in order to enhance the company's margins and profitability. For example, in 2006 Reclam commissioned an aluminium melting facility to convert aluminium product into aluminium ingots and aluminium pellets. In addition, Reclam built a chemical plant in Rustenburg for the manufacture of copper sulphate from the company's copper product, which is used as a reactant in the platinum refining industry.