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Reclam Group is the leading producer of recycled ferrous and non ferrous metal products in Southern Africa based on revenue and sales volumes.

Reclam Group's business can be considered as “above-the-ground” mining. Reclam Group beneficiates basic commodities that are sold to the same customer base as that of mines. The only difference is that its raw material is a secondary or recycled material relative to “virgin” material which is beneficiated from an ore.

Reclam Group also produces recycled paper, cardboard and plastic products, as well as aluminium ingots and pellets, and copper sulphate products. Reclam Group's products are primarily used by its customers as input materials in the manufacturing of their products.

These include steel, various non‑ferrous metals, glass, paper and cardboard.
Reclam Group has the largest operational footprint for recycled ferrous and non‑ferrous metals and recycled glass products in Southern Africa, with over 70 collecting and processing facilities strategically located across Southern Africa.

The recyclable materials industry that Reclam Group is involved in, entails collecting obsolete or discarded ferrous and non‑ferrous metals, paper, cardboard, glass and plastic and sorting and processing these according to end‑user specifications into products that are used as input materials for industrial manufacturing.

Reclam Group has a workforce of about 2000 employees, about 700 purpose built vehicles and more than 6000 specialised containers for the storing and transportation of recyclable material, such as hooklift bins, lockable non-ferrous bins, cardboard compactors, etc. Bins are also placed at client sites for collection of recyclable materials.
Reclam Group typically collects, processes and delivers in excess of one and a half million tons of recycled products each year.

Reclam Group enjoys industry membership of, amongst others, the Metal Recyclers Association (“MRA”). Reclam Group has been a longstanding member of the MRA.
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